Randy Blue: Brandon & Kyle

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardKyle Hennessy and Brandon James make such a hot couple. Going back to my love of contrasts, I couldn’t help but love seeing Brandon’s larger, heavily muscled frame wrapping around Kyle’s leaner, tighter musculature. Brandon is all animal lust and passion while Kyle is more reserved and conservative. Brandon’s gorgeous tan looks so great against Kyle’s milky white complexion. But even amidst these many contrasts there are several delicious twists. Kyle’s boy-next-door looks change when you notice the silver hoops in his ears and the colorful tattoo that adorns his magnificent body. His reserved nature falls away as he takes control of the scene, commanding Brandon to lick his balls. And you wouldn’t expect Brandon to take orders from anyone, but once Kyle starts calling the shots, this untamed animal obediently complies and totally gets off on it. People often think of the bottom as the one giving up the power but watching Kyle riding Brandon while straddling his massive frame it’s obvious who the one in charge is. Kyle is getting exactly what he wants while Brandon seems more than happy to be his plaything for the afternoon. Rather than play the aggressive top ramming someone’s eager hole, Kyle instead engulfs Brandon’s cock, inviting him inside and then working his cock with very talented hip motions. It’s very different than your usual topping scene. But Kyle shouldn’t be expected to do all the work. Eventually Brandon flips him over on his back and goes to town, giving rather than getting, thrusting that hot ass of his in and out while unleashing that animal passion, as well as a hot steamy load of jizz, all over Kyle.

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