Randy Blue: Brandon Kent

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI was chatting with Leo Giamani the other day about scheduling his upcoming videos and shows and he got all excited because he had met a guy he wanted me to interview. His name is Brandon Kent and Leo couldn’t stop talking about what a hottie he was. So he got us in touch with each other and I had him come out for an audition. Leo was right! He was so damn hot he almost had me speechless during the interview, and for those of you who know me, that’s quite a feat. First of all, he’s got the most handsome face, with gorgeous eyes and very sensual lips. He was unshaven and asked if he should shave for the shoot. Absolutely not! Maybe at a later date we’ll try that out, but for now I wanted you guys to see him for the first time exactly as I had. His dark facial scruff just added to the manly aura that filled the room when he entered. His body is amazing. Very natural, not overly worked out but incredible looking. He’s got just the right amount of body hair to give him a very masculine look without being too hairy. And his cock. There may not be enough space on this page to go on about his cock, but let’s just say that it’s absolute perfection. He’s got beautifully rounded mushroom head on a thick shaft that’s just perfect for a hand to wrap around. And he knows how to jerk himself off like he’s been doing it all his life and has it down to a science. Listening to his sexy breathy voice as he moans softly at first and then louder is so hot. And as he works his hands up and down his dick he pauses here and there to let the reverberations of his impending orgasm spread through his body so when he’s ready to shoot he’ll feel it from his head to his toes. And I must say that my favorite part of the video is the very end. He has a nice big cumshot, making a huge mess, but then he doesn’t just go clean up, he nurses his cockhead by gently stroking it, getting the most out of the experience and prolonging the orgasm so it lasts for a few minutes even after he’s blown his load. It’s a beautiful thing to see from a stunning new addition to Randy Blue.

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