Randy Blue: Braden & Brent

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardAfter Braden’s smokin’ hot video with Matthew I couldn’t wait to have him back. He’s got such a beautifully built muscular body that just watching him stand and around or walk across the room could give the most impotent man a hardon. Of course, I’m not about to just let him do that, I want to see him put that body to use. Enter Brent Diggs. This utterly adorable stud with the steel blue eyes has been hanging around a lot lately. His videos, both alone and in the circle jerk are mentioned every time I go out. Everyone wants to know when he’s gonna be back on the site. So while he was in the studio helping us test the equipment for the live shows I suggested that he do a scene with Braden. His eyes lit up and he got all excited. They were part of a group that we took to Hot Dog here in LA recently and the two of them got along famously. So it was only natural I eventually put them in a scene together. The day of the shoot they both showed up looking as big and buff as ever. I could tell they had both been pumping up so they would both look amazing for the shoot, and it really shows. I think they were a little nervous working together for the first time but once things got going they both got really into it. I just love watching Braden suck cock, I could watch him do it for hours. I guess it’s the way he maneuvers his massive muscular body around so that he can hit all the good parts, rolling his head around giving the cock full use of his mouth, and even pulling off with a big popping sound showing you just how hard he’s sucking. He gives a cock his full attention and the guys he sucks off always enjoy it. Brent certainly didn’t complain. He leans back and just takes it all in, letting the feeling wash over his entire body, and what a body it is. It’s so hot watching him stroke that huge pole of his, his six pack abs crunching together, becoming more defined, as he leans into the stroke, then seeing his pecks firm up and his nips stick out as he leans back, a big smile on his sexy full lips. Two great hotties all worked up and sweaty, what else could you want?

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