Randy Blue: Blair Mason 2

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardPeople have come to expect a certain type of model from Randy Blue. And while I like to deliver exactly what my members want, I also like to push the envelope a little from time to time and give you guys something you may not expect, but that you really like. My newest discovery is Blair Mason. When you first see him you might think he’s your run of the mill twink. He’s got the usual adorable youthful face, floppy hair and bright eyes and smile. Then he takes off his shirt and you see his tight muscular frame. He really loves showing off his body and the more skin he shows the hotter he gets. Blair did such a great job on his first Randy Blue video. He’s totally comfortable in front of the camera, running his fingers lightly along his smooth chest, over his nice, tight pecs and down the muscles that are just beginning to show on his abs. You can tell by the size of the bulge in his designer briefs that he’s packing a huge tool but when he releases it from it’s blue fabric prison it’s even better than you anticipate. It’s truly a thing of beauty and he treats it with the respect it deserves. Grabbing a handful he strokes his muscular arm up and down while letting his other hand roam around the various parts of his perfect body. And just when you think it can’t get any hotter, he raises his legs in an inviting gesture showing you his sexy little ass. Knowing you want more, he teases you a bit with it and then finally flips over giving you a full view. You can’t help but think about diving right in and getting yourself a piece of it. And while he strokes and strokes he pushes his butt in and out and you can feel the sexual heat rise from this sexy creature. He goes back to giving that cock full attention, licking his hand to lube it up for his grand finale, and he does not disappoint. His whole body moves in time with his hand motions, building in intensity so that when he shoots you know it’s going to be a good one. You see, hear and almost feel him rise right up to the crest and then spew forth an orgasm that seems to have flowed from every part of his body.

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