Randy Blue: Benjamin Bradley

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardThe story of Narcissus is about a beautiful young man who sees his reflection in a pool of water and falls so deeply in love that he is unable to leave the image of perfection gazing back at him. I was so taken with the sheer beauty of Benjamin Bradley that I wanted to showcase him as sort of a modern day Narcissus, enthralled with his own image in a mirror. It was also a way to show off his adorable face, wonderful cock and hot ass all at the same time. I’ve admired Benjamin’s work as a model for some time now. You may have seen him before sporting a very well known brand of designer underwear. I don’t know how anyone ever noticed the underwear when it was on such a magnificent body. So when he contacted me and said he wanted to be on Randy Blue I almost fell out of my chair. I couldn’t get him in here soon enough. Those of you who come to Randy Blue Live got a sneak peek at this stud when he did his first show a few weeks ago and from the response I got I’m sure you’re gonna love this video. While I usually like my guys hairy, I also like to change things up a bit and his smooth luscious skin shows off his tight muscular definition. And I have to say that Benjamin doesn’t just jerk off, he makes love to his entire body. He works his big, strong hands all over this hard pecs and six pack abs, exploring his amazing ass, caressing his aching hard on, until he shoots a nice thick load.

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