Randy Blue: Alexander Marashi

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI was having brunch in Seattle with a couple of friends this past summer when I first met Alexander Marashi. He was the server for the couple at the table next to us and both his smile and eyes kept distracting me from paying attention to my friends. I found myself listening in on him as he took orders and made jokes with his customers. I could also see that his body was very defined and sexy through the dark tight slacks he was wearing. I soon excused myself from my guests and walked over to Alexander as he was running two plates of omelets and home fries. We made eye contact, he smiled, and I slipped my card into his apron. Two weeks later he called and this video is the result of that conversation. Come to find out Alexander also moonlights as a dancer in a local gay club and is no stranger to showing off his body and bubbly personality to a crowd. Alexander is so outgoing and refreshing that he lures you into a lustful need to see his body drenched in sweat twitching and grinding. OK I am getting distracted again. On the phone he joked about how he just had phone sex with a friend and immediately I came up with the idea of him reenacting that experience for our cameras. He knew just who he wanted to call and the date was set. You guys are going to love Alexander, watching him call a bud and with the fantasy alone his cock grows with excitement. He releases his beautiful hard cock from his pants with an eager glee that could cause any man to drool. You can expect hot phone sex, lots of hot jerking off and a hot college muscle jock working himself into a sexual frenzy.

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