Randy Blue: Alec Manning

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardHas this ever happened to you? You’re at the gym and you’re taking a shower, and next to you is a gorgeous smooth muscular college jock hunk. Maybe it’s an open shower, or maybe he’s in a stall, either way you can see he’s got the most perfect body, and he’s soaping himself up, running his hands all over those tight muscles, pumped from a good workout, brushing up against his hard nipples as he rubs the foamy soap onto his pecs, down his washboard abs and then wrapping his hands around his slightly stiffening dick. You know you’ve wanted to look but you avert your eyes for fear of getting caught. Well, Alec Manning wants you to watch. He’s in the shower all hot and soapy and he’s invited you to join him. And when he’s done, he takes you even farther by bringing you into the bedroom so you can watch him really give himself a good workover. I remember the day I met him, the thing that caught me first was his eyes. He’s got these piercing blue eyes that look at you with an amazing intensity. I met him in line at a coffee shop. I went to ask him if he could pass me a packet of biscotti, got one look at those eyes and suddenly forgot what I was saying. He just smiled and asked me what I wanted and without thinking I simply replied that I wanted him. He laughed and asked what I wanted him for. He had the sexiest accent, being a recent transplant from New England. I told him that I wasn’t hitting on him, but that I really wanted to shoot him for the site. He thought about it for second and then said he would. It’s not the first time he’s done work online, so he wasn’t shy about it at all. He loves sports and played a lot of football when he was younger, which explains how he got such a hot body. Slim, yet muscular, with a nice thick tool between his well defined legs. And who doesn’t love a big thick cock?

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