Randy Blue: Aiden & Vincent

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardPutting Aiden James and Vincent DeSalvo together in a video is like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Vincent is definitely the jelly with his sweet demeanor, slippery smooth skin and colorful array of sexual positions. One taste of him and you’ll be begging for more. Aiden is the peanut butter, with his smooth and creamy features. He’s got darker passion, like a hint of salt and a little spice. And the best part is, they compliment each other so well. Aiden is so cool, calm and collected while Vincent is all over him, like a sex pet, intent only on making him feel good. And one thing Vincent knows is how to make a man feel good. He doesn’t just suck cock, he loves every inch of Aiden’s body, kissing and caressing his body, working every inch of him so that he can’t help but moan in pleasure. And while Aiden is working on his cock with his very talented mouth, Vincent moans, chuckles and talks about how good it feels, enjoying every moment of sex as if nothing else mattered. And while Vincent enjoys an all over sexual experience, he never leaves a man’s dick wanting for anything. He starts working on Aiden’s beautiful, long hard cock and Aiden gently but sternly guides his head from the tip all the way down the shaft, fucking and feeding at the same time. And Vincent is loving every minute of it, taking a moment here and there to kiss the head and shaft, lap at the balls, and work his hand along the parts his mouth is not currently working on. He even gives a little look to you, the viewer, as if to say, ‘Don’t you wish this was you right now?’ The hornier Vincent gets, the more vocal, and he transforms before your eyes from an adorable boy-next-door type to ravaging sexual beast, feeding off of Aiden’s body, sweat and sexual energy. And when it’s time for Aiden to cum, Vincent doesn’t just sit by and watch, he’s all over it, covered in cum and basking in it’s glory. And finally, when his work is done he gives himself over to the pleasure of letting himself shoot his own huge load all over his already cum soaked chest. Expect to see lots of dick sucking oral action, smooth jock muscles slamming against each other, and lots of sweat and cum.

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