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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhen I think of Hawaii I think of warm sands, blue ocean waves licking at the beach, and tons of hot surf dudes and beach studs. One such stud is Aiden James. This handsome guy sent me his photo and I was immediately taken aback by his striking features. His piercing brown eyes and gorgeous lips make you just want to kiss him over and over. And his delicious smooth tanned skin, hard pecs, tight muscular body and beautiful cock will have you watching and loving every second. He keeps his body hair natural, so even with a hairless chest, he’s got a great patch of dark curly pubes nesting a dick that will make your mouth water. He loves being outside and his natural build and warm, glowing tan shows how much time he spends in the great outdoors. I can just picture him riding his surfboard while sweat and ocean spray glistens off his body, arms and legs flexing to keep his balance and those sexy eyes of his steady in determination. He’s got that kind of hot college jock body that I love. When he’s not outside he loves fashion, traveling, good wine and great action. He loves to have fun and when he’s in the mood to get his rocks off there’s no stopping him. And while this is his first time doing anything like this he was a total natural in front of the camera. Totally comfortable, he loves showing off his body and getting to pose for us was quite a thrill for him. He’s not much for making a lot of noise, but when you look at his sexy body and how much he loves you watching him stroke his rock hard dick, you don’t need a lot of moaning. His is more on the soft, sensual side and it’s so hot to watch. He was so sexy in his solo I can’t wait to see how he’ll do when we pair him up with another hot stud.

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