Randy Blue: Ace DeCarlo

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI was checking out a studio for possible use in an upcoming video when I heard someone yell ‘action’. I figured they were shooting something and figured I’d sneak a peek. Turns out it was a student film and the director, Ace DeCarlo, was a friend of the guy who owned the studio. While I was peeking I could see two guys sharing a kiss. They were nice looking guys but I found myself staring at the director. He had really striking features, and his tight t-shirt revealed an amazing body. His shirt was so tight I could almost make out the outline of his pecs and his nips were poking through. He was obviously emotionally invested in this project because while the guys were kissing he had a huge bulge in his pants, which I was later to find out was a very nice looking cock, and he had a look on his face like he was feeling every inch of tongue his actors were enjoying. He would slide his body around as if he were the one being kissed and he seemed to be directing their bodies by moving his own. After a few moments I lost total interest in the two actors and got lost in watching this director. He was so passionate in his directing and was able to bring out some amazing performances out of the two guys. I introduced myself and he took my hand in both of his and gave me the most warm and inviting handshake. I asked him if he ever did any acting and he said no, but he would like the chance. I gave him my card and he came in. I was shocked that someone who made movies would have such an amazing horny college jock body but it turns out that he was a fitness trainer by trade and was taking film classes to broaden his horizons. I figured he must be doing well at the gym because his body was the perfect advertisement. From the tight six-pack to the sexy cumgutters, he was perfect from head to toe. And with his smooth chest and provocative treasure trail leading to a pair of legs covered in lush dark hair I knew I had a winner. And once we got to filming I told him to pretend he was directing himself the way he would do a solo scene and he ended up doing an amazing job.

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