Mike & Trent

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Mike West, with the incredible body that shows off hours of work at the gym, the guy with the sweet smile and horny libido, the one who's sexual energy adds a certain heat to every video he's in. Trent Davis, with the college jock stud look, lightly hairy, lean, muscular and athletic. Each has their own charm. Each has solidified their place in the gay porn industry. Both know their way around a big, thick, hearty cock. It's about time these two get together. Things start off nice and easy with Mike and Trent deep kissing and groping each other's hot bodies. Then Trent gives Mike the kind of blow job that men dream about. Mike's eyes roll up in his head as he gives in to mind blowing pleasure. Trent gets his own amazing blowjob from Mike who's gotten really good from all his practice on the hottest cocks on Randy Blue. It's so hot to watch these guys sucking dick and eating ass and when Mike drives his meat stick deep into Trent's perfect hole the sounds that emanate from Trent's mouth are like deep sexual music. Mike tries out some hot new positions, including a jackhammer move that drives Trent so crazy he shoots a load that splashes all across his chest and even hits him in his own face. I don't know what's hotter, seeing a bit of a self-facial, or the fact that he eagerly laps it up before the video is done.
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