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We just don't have enough redheads on Randy Blue. I've always had a soft spot for them and when I get a chance to shoot one I'm usually overjoyed. The first time I laid eyes on Max London I could hardly contain myself. Here was this incredibly sexy guy with such a hot muscle jock body I couldn't wait to start shooting. I put him in the gym because he just looked like one of those jock studs I always lust after when I'm working out. Muscle on top of muscle without looking like a full on bodybuilder. I hope he comes back because just thinking about all that big hard muscle already has me excited. And I'm planning on pairing him up with some of the other jocks we have here at Randy Blue, having tons of locker room sex and getting their rocks off while working out. But even without all the other studs around, Max London gives you enough of a cock workout as he lifts those heavy weights, sweat dripping down his smooth chest, all the way down to the firey patch of sexy red pubes. He works his cock with all the concentration of curling a dumbbell and when he's done he spews his heavy load all over a workout bench.
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