Man Avenue: Marco Blaze and Jay – BIG Dick Club

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ManAvenue Marco Blaze Jay

In was inevitable that these 2 should be paired up for some good old fashioned sucking and fucking. With Martin’s cocky attitude and Peter’s willing hairy hole, man sex never smelled so good.

ManAvenue Marco Blaze Jay

These guys start off goofing around by comparing biceps and seeing who can do the best posing routine. Before you know it, Peter is down on the floor with Martin’s dick in his mouth.

ManAvenue Marco Blaze Jay

After sucking each other’s dicks, Martin has had enough and wants to get his cock in Peter’s ass. He fucks Peter doggie style, then flips him over to plow him with Peter’s massive legs in the air…

ManAvenue Marco Blaze Jay

Excuse me; I need to go jack off. Just describing this scene has me all boned up…again.

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