Justin & Micah

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The idea for a gay porn video can hit you out of nowhere. I was scouting locations once and took Micah Brandt with me to see the place he would be shooting in. It became apparent that the guy who was showing us the space had the hots for Micah and didn't have any reservations about letting him know. I thought to myself that the whole thing was playing out like one of our videos. Then it hit me, why not make a video just like that? I called up newcomer Justin Blakely to play the role of the building owner. Justin has been really wanting to do more on the site and I thought having Micah wrap those amazing lips over his huge thick cock would be a treat for both of them. Micah loves sucking cock and since Justin hadn't been blown on camera before I thought it was a perfect match up. Justin has such a smooth muscular chest and furry butt and is just so damn hot everyone I know wants to fuck his brains out. And Micah is a total sexual being, bringing a new level of hotness to every video with his beautiful smooth brown skin showing off every inch of his tight athletic muscles and big beautiful cock. These two had a lot of chemistry together and it really shows.

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