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It's been a while since we've seen Jordan Santelli. A few years ago he came to me a cocky 18 year old with a killer body and handsome chiseled features, he did one video and I never saw him again. It happens. They want to try gay porn out and see if they get into it, and if not they go their way. But sometimes they just can't get over the feeling of stripping down and being naked for everyone to see. Jordan called me and wanted to do some more videos. But he is no longer that jock muscle twink that showed off those rock hard chest and chiseled abs. He's now a manly muscle hunk sporting some hot facial hair, even better body and an ass you can't forget. And I was not going to let that ass go without use, so I gave him a bunch of the most popular toys we had and told him I wanted to see some dildo hole action. He was more than happy to comply and the resulting video is one you're going to want to add to your favorites as soon as you see how hot it is.
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