Jarrett & Richard

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Richard Pierce and Jarrett Rex had one assignment from this video. Make it hot and make it dirty. They had no problem with this. The moment these two got together it was obvious the chemistry between them was electrifying. After some major oral action Jarrett dove face first onto Richard's hot ass and worked his tonnage so well that Richard couldn't stop moaning. And once he rammed his huge cock deep into Richard's hungry hole he fucked him so hard that Richard was begging for more. These two have such hot muscle jock bodies adorned with some of the hottest tattoos and watching them fuck was like seeing a moving work of erotic art. They got really nasty with each other, talking dirty and making so much noise, and Richard was so turned on he shot his huge thick creamy load all over his smooth flat stomach with Jarrett's gigantic dick still deep inside him. Then he started begging Jarrett to shoot his load all over his face. And who was Jarrett to say no?
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