Jacob Young

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Randy Blue brings us Jacob Young:

What do you do when you get an adorable young guy with rock hard abs and a chiseled stomach all to yourself. If he is as hot as Jacob Young you get him to strip down and jerk his delicious cock for you. Jacob looks absolutely sexy as hell with his big muscular arms pumping away at his cock, each muscle pulling and stretching as he runs a hand up and down the shaft, letting his other hand roam around his body, brushing up against a nipple, feeling his own smooth skin and getting off on the sensation. He plays with his sexy ass, mostly smooth with just a trail of hair lining the hole. But it definitely is his cock he likes playing with the most. He jerks off in front of the mirror so even he can enjoy a body that shows how many hours a week he must spend at the gym. And then he shoots a nice thick load, ready to start all over again.
Jacob Young

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