Eric & Jonathan

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Imagine, if you will, that you are Eric Pryor. You go to the gym for a quick workout, taking a few moments to check out your hot jock body in the mirror. You take a look at the chiseled muscles you've spent hours working out to achieve, sexy cumgutters, and great big cock. The hot muscle stud in the mirror is totally fuckable and you know it wouldn't take much to get your ass rammed by some horny stud. Enter Jonathan Bartell. With his handsome features, nice worked out body and hairy chest you can't wait to run your fingers through, Jonathan embodies the sheer physical pleasure of the hot gym encounter. And if you were Eric you'd waste no time going down on that beautiful cock. You take it all into your mouth and all the way down your throat. And of course he'd suck your dick too so that it would be all hard and dripping so you'd beg him to fuck you. And fuck you he will, ramming his dick so hard in your ass your toes will curl. And not to be undone, you thrust your pelvis back so that your bubble butt slams against his balls and your hungry hole jerks his dick off until he has no choice but to rip off the condom and shoot his creamy load all over you.

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