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The first thing you notice about Travis James in his newest Randy Blue video is his 'Dumb Jock' T-shirt. Now, we can tell you that Travis is anything but, however, always one to give your virtual balls a tug, Travis knows what gets people off. The stereotypical dumb jock has been the inspiration of hard cock jerk off sessions for ages, and in this hardcore gay muscle stud fantasy Travis is more than happy to play out that role. And with a hot stud like Donny Wright around it was easy to indulge. We haven't seen Donny for a while but he's back and looking better than ever. Deep tan, sexy facial scruff and a nice pelt of thick body fur that he's let gown since the last time. And he couldn't wait to get a piece of Travis' smooth muscular jock body. Starting out with mutual blowjobs, Travis took the opportunity to not only feed his enormous dick to Donny, he gently grabbed the back of his head and fucked his face for a bit. Donny was a total horn dog after that so he dove face first into Travis' bubble butt and gave him a rim job he won't soon forget. Having prepared that hungry hole with his talented tongue he plunged his fuck stick deep inside causing Travis to ultimately shoot a load that sprayed all over his sweat covered chest. But Donnie wasn't finished with him yet. He pulled out and shot a huge thick creamy load all over Travis' face.
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