Dominic & Raphael

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Dominic Brown lay sprawled under Raphael Cedano, panting and smiling and covered in spunk and sweat. How did he get that way? Well it started with the two of them on a bed. The first kiss, not as furtive as one would think, but rather two tongues diving into open mouths, eager to please and be pleased. Raphael may be new to Randy Blue, and Dominic may be his first on screen man on man action, but he's far from an amateur. This Cuban hottie has messed around with guys before and he obviously liked it enough to not only get some Randy Blue dick but also to share the experience with all of you. We started him off with something easy, getting an amazing blowjob from one of our hottest new models. Dominic has such a hot technique for draining a man's balls that Raphael was in for a real hot time. You can see how hot he's getting when Dominic takes all of his huge uncut cock all the way down his throat, but it was even more exciting when Raphael grabbed Dominic's head and started face fucking him. Both guys really got into it and by the time they were finished Raphael had shot his load all over Dominic leaving him lying there smiling, covered in spunk and sweat.

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