Diego & Travis

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Diego Sans and Travis James were so hot for each other that this video practically made itself. Diego brings such an intense sexual energy into any room that guys pop a boner just looking at him. His hot muscle stud body, smooth honey brown skin and deep sensuous eyes grab your attention and when he shows off his sexy bubble butt you'll either want to dive face first into it or plunge your aching hard on as deep as you can go. Travis has proven himself to be a total sexual animal. No matter what he's asked to do he goes at it with all he's got and nine times out of ten we're just asking him to do something he'd be doing anyway. Travis and Diego were all about each other and Travis couldn't wait to explore Diego's hot hole with his probing tongue. But that was just the start because Diego is such a great bottom, Travis had to really work at keeping himself from coming too soon. He wanted to prolong the pleasure as long as he could, especially so you guys would have a kick ass fuckfest to watch.
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