Dean Wildwood

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As Dean Wildwood seductively peels off his shirt and jeans you can picture him dancing in a darkened club. Streams of light shoot through the mist from the smoke machine hitting his athletic body. He runs his hands through the the sparse chest hair that lays matted with sweat on his rock hard pecs and chiseled abs. He runs his hands all over his body and looks at you invitingly. Even though he's never done gay porn before he's danced at a few clubs before so he's used to the hottest gay muscle hunks pawing at his hot body. As much as he loved the attention of the men in the club he knew he had to take it to the next level and show it all for gay men everywhere by appearing on Randy Blue. He really got off on showing you guys his hot horny body, letting his fingers roam down his tight stomach, stroking his thick meaty cock and big full balls, then around to his nice firm ass. He lightly touches the curly hairs around his hole before working his finger around the rim and then deep inside. He loves playing with himself and knowing you're getting horny watching him. He blows his thick load all over his chest knowing that you are doing the same. Take some time and get off with Dean Wildwood. It's an experience you won't forget.
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