Dan Wagner

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There are guys who look like they've risen out of a sculptor's studio all chiseled and perfect, and there are guys who seem to have been given every single perfection known to man. But sometimes the hottest guys are the ones who look like you could run into them anywhere. You pass them on the street and they smile as you walk by, or you bump into them by accident in the grocery store and start up a conversation. These guys are so hot because you almost don't expect to see them lounging by the pool stroking a dick so large it makes your mouth water. Dan Wagner is one of these guys. He's got a very real look about him, unpretentious, laid back, chill. He's got a nice firm build with sexy patch of hair on his upper chest and another one in a rugged treasure trail leading down to his cock. And speaking of his cock, it starts out a decent size but then grows to a thick hearty piece of meat. He jerks it with such nonchalant strokes that you get the feeling it's something he does anytime he's alone or at least when he's there's less of a chance of him getting caught by someone. And when he runs his hands over his hot athletic body he really makes you want to join in. He's the straight stud that makes you wonder if you might have a chance. He's the buddy that lets you suck him off after a few beers. And when he shoots his load you'll be ready to shoot yours.
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