Dan & Skylar

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Randy Blue brings us Dan & Skylar:

Dan Darlington was having a nice conversation with the adorable Skylar West. He had heard that Skylar had a ravenous sexual appetite and that he was one hot fuck but talking to this innocent looking blond haired blue eyed hottie he was finding it hard to believe that he could be anything but sweet and gentle. We still do not know if Dan was prepared for what came next but from the looks of his flushed cheeks and the wild look in his eyes we are pretty sure he was loving it beyond belief. From the minute Skylar was ramming Dan in the face with his raging boner to the moment he ravaged his hot horny hole with his tongue, Skylar had Dan in the palm of his hand. You have to see the way Skylar makes one sold motion going from rimming Dan to ramming his cock down his throat. Then, without blinking an eye, he is doing one of the most creative 69s we have ever seen. Face fucking, ass munching and deep throating all in one. But once Dan gains his footing he is more than willing to turn the tables on Skylar. Pretty soon he is fucking that horny hole for all it is worth and not even coming up for air. But from the way Skylar is begging for more you know he was hoping for it. And what an ending. Dan feeds his hot spunk to Skylar and than kisses him so they can share the taste of it.
Skylar West

Dan Darlington

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2 Responses to "Dan & Skylar"
  1. John B. says:

    Beautiful boy…wanna lick u hehe

  2. Will4U says:

    I want that blonde boy NOW/.

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