Chris & Diego

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When Diego Sans confronts boyfriend Chris Rockway about possibly cheating on him, Chris does what any normal sexy porn model would do. He seduces him. And when Chris Rockway is running his big manly hands down your smooth pecs and looking at you with those gorgeous deep green eyes, there's little you can do to stop him. Diego can't resist getting a taste of Chris' huge meaty cock and the farther he shoves it down his talented throat the harder he gets. Then Chris dives head first on his sexy ass and digs his tongue way deep. Getting all nasty and spitting on Diego's hungry hole just makes him even hornier and after a while he can't do anything else but ram his huge thick rod up Diego's ass. And if you've seen Chris fuck before you know he takes no prisoners. He goes in quick and deep and jackhammers away until his partner is practically shooting a load without even touching his dick. But Diego holds off for a bit because he can't get enough of Chris' hardcore banging and wants to prolong the pleasure as much as he can. Finally, after being on the brink for a good long time he lets himself shoot a nice thick load all over his tight tummy. And when Chris sees this he shoots his own juices all over Diego's chest and totally covers it with hot spunk.
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