Chip & Eric

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Chip Tanner and Eric Pryor are both such sexual creatures that it was only a matter of time before they did a scene together. Chip's body is a well honed mass of lean muscle and years of gymnastics has given him amazing control over it. We've seen him bend over backwards for a good fuck, literally. And Eric has become known for his pelvic thrusts that can get a guy off without him even having to work for it. So the question arose, what would happen if we put Eric's amazing bottoming skills together with Chip's wild topping. The answer has to be seen to be believed. But it's not all hot gay porn fucking, there's a lot of hot cocksucking and some really passionate rimming as well. These two take sexual heat to the next level. And as if all this wasn't hot enough, just wait until you see Eric shoot his thick gooey load all over himself with Chip's dick still deep inside him. Definitely one video you'll want to add to your favorites list.
Featuring:  Eric PryorChip Tanner

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