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ChaosMen Jamie

Jamie is a friend of one of the scouts that sends me potential models. Not wanting to mix friendship with work, the two never really talked about him doing some adult modeling.

I don’t know if the economy just got bad, or they both had an epiphany about Jamie doing a solo for me, but I am glad they did.

I was assured Jamie was a super nice guy, and wow…he really is. Very calm, self-assured, not cocky…beautiful eyes. Dreamy.

ChaosMen Jamie

We did his photos and I often don’t tell the models how to style themselves, but I definitely wanted to style up his hair for the video. It was amazing how for the photos he has this kind of a standard generic hair cut. So with only a small amount of product, I pushed his hair up off his forehead, and his look totally changed. I was surprised at how thick and wavy his hair was.

Which leads me to his body hair, which he grew out just for us. I think he has the perfect amount of body hair and he just looks like a dude to me.

ChaosMen Jamie

He was very natural for the photos and the video, he performed like a pro. His feet were cold, so we kept his socks on, to which I thought maybe the foot fetish (or sock fetish) crowd might like the nod to their favorite thing.

I wish I could say Jamie will be back. He pretty much knows the score about what kind of scenes he would be doing, and I think doing the solo helped him out of tight spot. I would love to have him back for more, but we might have to wait for a financial need before seeing him.

ChaosMen Jamie

I loved working with him, and I think it shows in both the photos and videos.

ChaosMen Jamie

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