Chance & Roman

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Randy Bluebrings us Chance & Roman:

Chance Kidd had one task to complete for the office Christmas party. He had to get his coworker, the sexy Roman Todd, a present. He tried his best to come up with something that would not only make Roman really happy but also show him exactly what Chance thought about him. The party was a lot of fun but soon everyone left and they were alone. Chance realized it was time. He revealed that he was the secret Santa Roman was looking for all night and then he gave the best gift he could. He gave himself. Entirely. And Roman knew exactly what do to with it. First he got to chow down on that dick he had been eyeing since Chance started at the company. Then he got to feel just how good of a blow job Chance could give, and much to his pleasure he found that Chance sucked dick better than anyone he knew. And while Roman enjoyed the work being done on his dick he wanted more. He rimmed that hot hole and then, since Chance was his to do with as he pleased, he fucked him like he had never been fucked before, finally shooting a hot creamy load all over his handsome face.
Roman Todd

Chance Kidd

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  1. Kevan says:

    Ok. New goal: Do that champagne thingy someday. :))

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