Chad & Gunner

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Chad Hollon and Gunner Pierce have found themselves in a sticky situation. A crazy night on the town has landed both of them in lockup. But as scary as the thought is, there are quite a few guys who have a little bit of prison sex in their list of fantasies, and really, who can blame them. A hot guard in a sexy tight uniform, being locked up with noting to do but fuck, the sound of the steel bars, the telltale click of the handcuffs telling you you're not going anywhere. After we finished our full length movie Alley Cats we always wished we had done more with the idea of sex behind bars and now we had our chance. These two hot horny muscle jocks figure a way to get past the metal bars separating them and get down and dirty with some hot ass eating and dick sucking. Then, bribing the guard they get to share a cell and it's all cum gushing fun after that. And after all, what's gay porn if you don't indulge in a little fantasy now and again? Especially when it involves Chad dumping his hot creamy load all over Gunner's smooth chest and washboard abs.
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