Caleb Strong

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Don't let his boyish good looks fool you, Caleb Strong is all man. I like anyone who's really and willing to give the fans what they want from day one, and Caleb was totally into it. He came to the studio for his shoot and he came ready to play. I mean, if you're going to do gay porn you really need to commit one hundred percent. And Caleb is always ready for more. This is his debut, a good chance for you to get to know his sexy body. His athletic build, his handsome face and his big beautiful cock. This thing is huge and he loves showing it off. And that's just the beginning, when he flips over and shows you his hot little bubble butt, moderately furry and totally delicious, you just want to take it in your hands and bury your face in it. I'm already looking forward to seeing one of our other Randy Blue studs working a tongue in there, getting it ready for a good hard ass pounding. Or maybe a wild three way where Caleb gets filled at both ends. It's so exciting having a new guy, there are so many possibilities.
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