Caleb & Dean

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Randy Blue brings us Caleb & Dean:

Caleb Strong and Dean Carlson admitted to fooling around before this video even got started. But that should not surprise anyone. Everyone knows what a little horn dog Caleb is. His videos always prove how much he loves sex. Dean starts out a little on the bashful side, looking almost unsure of what he is about to get himself into. But that only lasts for as long as it takes Caleb to ram that rigid dick between his hungry lips. Caleb was not going to pass up a chance to smoke some pole himself and went down on Dean like it was the last cock he was ever going to see. But that only got him hornier and pretty soon he was driving it home, giving Dean all seven inches of his hard throbbing cock. The look of pure ecstasy that Dean has on his face shows just how much he was loving the hardcore ass pounding that Caleb was giving him. And when Dean spurted his love juices all over his own chest, Caleb could not hold off any longer and shot his nice thick load right into the open mouth of Dean, who eagerly lapped it up, sucking that sensitive cockhead dry.
Caleb Strong

Dean Carlson

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