Ashton & Eric

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Randy Bluebrings us Ashton & Eric:

Ashton Dale eagerly gobbles up Eric Pryor's thick meaty cock. The two of them are so hot for each other and Ashton's really getting off on sucking another man's dick, but he's really thinking about how he's gonna tap that ass in just a little while. Eric's talents as a bottom have made him quite a hot number at Randy Blue. It seems that the other guys can't wait to take a ride on the USS Pryor. And from the way he worked Ashton's dick with his strong pelvic muscles there's no doubt he'll be ready to take on many more of the Randy Blue team. Ashton is so into Eric's dick but he can't wait any longer and dives into his ass with his wild tongue actions. And while it doesn't take much to get Eric's ass in their air, the ministrations of Ashton's tongue had gotten him so hot, and his hole so hungry, that he just had to get rammed. Hot, heavy, hardcore ass fucking, rimming and cock sucking. What else could you ask for?
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