Andrew & Trevor Snow

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Trevor Snow hadn't been blown on Randy Blue yet and Andrew Stark really wanted a taste of that cock. They had been messing around well before the shoot even started and the energy was running super high. Starting out with some really hot deep kissing they guys got a little rough with each other and that seemed to turn them on even more. Trevor, who's got the kind of hot muscle stud body you get from lots of activity, has been eager to try new things and having Andrew's nice warm mouth wrapped around his stiff dick was just what he'd been looking for. Andrew, who is absolutely adorable and incredibly sexy, sucks a cock like nobody else. He loves to build up a nice amount of suction and then spring the head loose with a loud popping sound, a technique with drove Trevor wild. Both were really getting off on a little frottage, rubbing their dicks together, and Trevor was especially loving it because he hadn't ever tried it before. Pretty soon Trevor was so horned up from Andrew's blowjob that he actually started face fucking him. Then he shot his big thick load all over Andrew's chest, and some of it shot right onto his face, giving him a small facial. And of course when Andrew came his body made those hot little convulsions that our live show audience have started referring to as 'The Quake'.
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