Andrew & Trevor Cash

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Andrew Stark and Trevor Cash make a great pair. They both have adorable good looks. They both have smooth muscular jock bodies. Both give you that vibe that says they are horny college guys and they'll do anything to get off. There is only one exception. Trevor has never done anything with a guy before. This is his first time sucking cock on a gay porn site and for a straight amateur he's really got a natural talent for it. It doesn't hurt that Andrew gives a really amazing blowjob. Andrew is such a sexual being it doesn't matter who his partner is, he always finds a way to connect and make the sex incredible. It's almost a shame to have him be the bottom since he's got that huge beautiful dick, but he also bottoms so well so either way you're going to love him. He got Trevor so worked up that he was more than ready to take the next step and fuck Andrew right then and there. They had talked about possible positions before the shoot but decided to just go for it and do what came natural. And from the looks on their faces and the breathy moans coming from their mouths it was obvious they were both totally hot for each other.
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