Andrew & Porter

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Andrew Stark has quickly endeared himself to both the fans and the staff here at Randy Blue. He's got an incredible body, adorable face, a smile that could charm paint off the walls and a cock that will make your mouth water. A self proclaimed exhibitionist, this perpetually horny stud knows he's got a great body and loves showing it off. Then you have Porter Wescott, who loves fucking, sucking cock and getting his ass plowed. What a perfect pair. Put them in a shower and let them get all hot and steamy and you know it won't be long before they're both chowing down on each others' throbbing cocks. If you've ever had a blowjob in a shower you'll know how hot it is, and doing it in a gym shower where anyone could walk in at any moment just adds to the eroticism of it all. And when they move into the locker room and Porter puts all of Andrew's thick juicy steak down his throat you know they're both loving it. Two gay porn stars going at it in a gym locker room, it's the stuff fantasies are made of.

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