Alan Caldwell

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There is only one way to describe the body of Alan Caldwell, majestic. The curves of his musculature give off a chiseled appearance that's somehow softer than the usual hardbodied guys I love to feature on this site. Beautiful well defined muscles, hard pecks, and a nice pair of cumgutters leading right down to a nice handful of cock. It's like hard muscle that flows in a fluid design. If he were a car he'd be top of the line, sleek, beautiful and aerodynamic. This guy was just made for gay porn and you guys are going to love watching him jerk his hot jock cock for you. He works that big dick of his as if he were preparing to pound some hot ass. He gets it nice and hard, touching and teasing until it's a quivering love muscle begging for release. But he's not ready just yet. First he wants to show you his adorable fuzzy butt, spreading the cheeks to show you his hot hungry hole. Once you get a good hard look at it he flips around and shoots his hot sticky load all over the table so you can get a good look.
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