Man Avenue: Alexsander Freitas

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Man Avenue surprised me with some raw footage from the scene Alexsander Freitas did with Ari Sylvio; they just couldn’t let it go to waste.

After all, some of the behind the scenes stuff is meat beating material, too.

Alexsander’s dick was hard before the fuck scene (obviously during the fuck scene), during breaks, and a very long time even after he cums.

This hairy fuck pig was so sweaty after he finished fucking Ari, during his shower the mother fucker was still fully boned up.

Enjoy a clip from Alexsander provided by Man Avenue:

*Video:man avenue: alexsander

A full seventeen minutes of pure muscle, hairy dick, arms, chest, legs and ass…OH..and that fucking hard dick.

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3 Responses to "Man Avenue: Alexsander Freitas"
  1. Victor Tyagi says:

    dude ur body is good i like the way u stand but u need to be shaved in many areas so that ppl can see every thing

  2. freddy lopez says:

    Do not shave. U r hot like that

  3. Van says:

    There are more than enough shaved twinks in the world; please keep your body hair.

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