Fratpad: Best Buddies

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It’s that time again over at the Fratpad for a new season. This time around they pushed back the season so that we can get an Encore Week. This week will include the most popular guys doing the things that we all love them to do. After this great week the New Season will start which will be called Best Continue Reading...
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Fratpad: Casey

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Guys, are you sitting? There is a new guy at the Fratpad and his name is Casey. He will blow your mind – he is HOTTTT!! I noticed that the Fratpad has a promotion going where you can joing for $2 and change. Take advantage of this and go to You won’t regret it, and not just because of Continue Reading...
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Fratpad Duo: Jayden Takes Charge

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Also you know, the Fratpad Duo Jayden Takes Charge, which took place this previous weekend, was a huge success! The members of Fratpad went crazy over Jayden and Grady’s hot action. You can replay the Dup via Pay-Per-View. Simply go to Fratpad and sign up for an account. Here’s a few pictures just for you guys....
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Fratpad: Nude Musical Chairs

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Isn’t that the truth? Well, catch this, guys! (You’ll love me for posting this, I know 😉 ) The guys over at the Fratpad had some fun playing nude musical chairs recently! I’ve noticed that they added many more videos to the Antic’s section on their web site. There are duo videos available as well, which used to cost Continue Reading...
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Fratpad: Taj’s BIG dick, fucking pumpkins and fun in the bathroom

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Oh I cant forget this, my buddy Fratpad Leo over there at the Ppad is telling me that members love Taj’s BIG Dick and that it has made him a BIG Hit. Good going Taj, KEEP IT UP!!!! Also the Fratpad now posts a constantly updated AntIc’s section, where you can see former favorites of the pad, just like these:...
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Fratpad: Taj

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Taj aka “Taj Mahal” is from the rolling blue grass hills of Kentucky. There has to be something in the water! All of his wonderful traits are making the Fratpad members go crazy!! STATS: 6’4″ 10in Dick Brown Eyes dark hair “Tall, Dark, and Handsome” You can tell from a mile that Taj is big into sports. He loves basketball, Continue Reading...
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Fratpad: Wax that Ass

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Here’s a hot event coming up: Wax That Ass 2. It’s time again to tame those unruly pubes of Diego’s. Join the Fratpad for a second round of Wax That Ass, available this week at Here are some pics from last week.. Alumni Travis returns to the pad and continues the pledge uprising by having Jayden give him a Continue Reading...
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