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$26 a month is not a fortune by any means, but I decided to take a break from the Internet’s arguably hottest and horniest gay jock and frat guys reality TV site. There are other sites out there, right? It’s been four hours since I last logged on and I already think whether I should join again. Should I?

If there were an award for‘s biggest fan, I would win it hands down! I’m sure this blog alone will tell you how much I adore college jocks that are loose, fun, and especially fit, hung and horny. is all of that and more: There’s no more need to fantasize about the guys that make you horny when you can actually watch them jack off and enjoy themselves!

And then the Fratpad came about. And this was the real fantasy come true. At the Fratpad, you get to interact with the hot hunks from . And hot they are! You can watch them work out, eat, follow their daily routines, and my personal favorite, you can watch them jack off.

Fratpad‘s web site offers an archives section of about 100 guys that used to be on the pad. We can enjoy our favorite videos over and over and over and …

OK, guys, this post took a turn I didn’t foresee. I’m off to again. I’ll invest $2.95 for another round of fun.

How much better can it get than watching guys like this live and talk to them while they’re busting a nut?

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