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Fratpad Review

Frat Pad is a live house where hot college-age guys live, work and play. All the guys here are fit, attractive, horny and are the just kind of guys one expects from living in a frat house. The tour shows guys messing around, playing games naked, wrestling, working out, jacking off and hanging out. In addition to 12 hours per day of live shows, the site offers a collection of archived live shows, blogs and other features. so let’s head off to the member area and see more of what Frat Pad has to offer!

When you log into Frat Pad, you’ll find yourself looking at the spot the scheduled live show is shown as well as the live show schedule, chat and links to players. Navigation at Frat Pad is both simple and easy to use. There’s a menu running across the upper right side of the page with links to all the various sections, including a link to help and a link back to the home page from all the other sections. There are 14 hours of live shows scheduled today,

There are currently 8 guys living at the Frat Pad, and at least one of them will be doing a live cam show 12 hours per day, from 10 am till midnight PST. During that time, anything goes. The guys start out by talking to the members who are currently on chat and talk about live in the Frat Pad, what’s been going on lately and even their sex lives. Anything can happen during a live show, and while you know the the guys will be taking off their clothes, you never know what else might happen. The guys might work out naked, take a shower – either alone or with a friend – eat lunch or whatever they feel like doing. And you can bet that the live shows and archived shows include plenty of jacking off, too!

The video format is here is Flash, and the videos are bigger than on our last visit, shown at 800×414 at mostly good quality. The archives and live shows looks good compared to a lot of live shows, play smoothly and have good sound. The videos aren’t downloadable, but you can watch the shows you enjoyed the most again any time in the archive section. The oldest videos are stretched to fit the player, so they don’t look as good as the newer ones, but are still very entertaining. Oh, yes – and the archive section is updated every single day.

Frat Pad currently offers over 1000 archived live shows, each over 60 minutes and many over 200 minutes each. There are over 25,000 hours of archived shows, each with the sound and quality of the original shows. You can browse the shows by the name of the guy you’d like to see and by date and the video will play to the right.

There is another section that you won’t want to miss. It’s called antics, and I really love it! Antics is a section where the Frat Pad guys can post videos they make themselves – they’re sort of home movies about life at the pad. There are 161 videos showing the guys doing whatever they do when they’re not doing live shows. You can see them work out, dance, get a haircut, cook, make a dildo – if you love behind the scenes stuff, this is definitely the place to be!

What’s very cool about the Frat Pad is that all the guys here are very outgoing and sociable with each other and with the site members on chat. Each of the dudes living at the Frat Pad has his own unique personality, and they seem to be having a blast while they’re on cam and are all very comfortable being naked around the pad, whether they’re brushing their teeth (while naked), stroking their cocks or just hanging out.

Oh, there are a couple other features worth mentioning. First is email. The email link allows you to send emails directly to the Frat Pad model of your choice, or to either of the hostmasters who run the site and the house. You can write with compliments, issues or just send a hello, and you’ll get responses in your email inside the site. The other is you can pay for private shows now – but you don’t have to. Members get access to all the action except one-on-one shows, including live chat, messing about, jacking off and showers.

Frat Pad’s athletic and yummy frat guys, 14 hours per day of live shows, and growing live show archive of over 25,000 hours of videos that are updated every day offer a lot of bang for your buck. There’s a lot to do here, plenty to watch, and don’t forget the email and antics sections where there’s even more. Frat Pad has definitely made some improvements, too – particularly the larger video size and many more archived live shows. I don’t really have any complaints because there’s so much here and the guys are so much fun – and always horny! If you love college jocks and live shows, Frat Pad is definitely the place to be!

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