Fratpad Review

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Videos 1000+ archived live shows, 161 home movies, videos are Flash format shown at 800×414 with good sound, archived shows are over 60 minutes each, no DRM used, amateur to good quality depending on age of video. Pictures No pictures. Extras Hours of live cam shows every day, home movie section called Antics, email. Membership Cost Credit Card processing and Continue Reading...
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Fratpad: Naked Basketball

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More than enough reason to have watched Fratpad yesterday or any day! Not what I was expecting at all, Frat Pad is superb. Not only have you got real life sexy models, in the college dude age range, with great bodies and hot cocks, but you’ve got action porn, scenes to view, live chat to get involved with, hour after Continue Reading...
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Where is the Fratpad located?

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Fratmen Payne may have shared more with us in his show yesterday than he intended to. In one of his sexiest shows ever where he jacks off standing while doing his laundry, we can see a sign hanging on the laundry room door that says ARIZONA. What lots of members have thought for a while seems to be true: The Continue Reading...
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Fratpad: Team Lifts

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Huge upper body parts, buffed, jacked. The new Fratpad class is great. Here’s a fun vid. The guys are lifting each other. Notice this one: So the Camera guy is saying “it’s gonna start to get HARD guys, it’s gonna start to get HARDER”. Actually I’m not sure it can get any harder than this! *Video: fratpad team lifts...
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My Fratpad membership has expired

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$26 a month is not a fortune by any means, but I decided to take a break from the Internet’s arguably hottest and horniest gay jock and frat guys reality TV site. There are other sites out there, right? It’s been four hours since I last logged on and I already think whether I should join again. Should I? If Continue Reading...
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Fratpad: Season 9 – Brotherhood

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At the Fratpad, Season 9 starts today. They call it Brotherhood. Watch the intro it is close to Heaven ! I’m out of words right now……. I can’t tell if they’re going to play rugby, burn down an Afghan village, or have sex with each other. Perhaps all three, in that order. Simply Enjoy. *Video: fratpad intro season 9 brotherhood...
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Fratpad: Flag Football

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HOLY SHIT a hunk smorgasbord.. I wonder what it’s like in the showers after that game. Next time they should play in nothing but jockstraps. Now that would be even hotter! Fratpad rules. They deserve an award for bringing together the hottest guys that are out there. *Video: fratpad flag football *Video: fratpad flag football 2...
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Fratpad Duo: Grady and Reece

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Greece Lightning is here and this is not your favorite 50’s based musical. This DUO is going to be one great show. As you all know Reece is one of Fratpad‘s newest guys and is ready for official initiation. Grady and Reece meet up for the first time to have some fun in a much anticipated Best Bud’s scene. Saturday, Continue Reading...
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Fratpad: Spiderman Stunts!

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Over at the Fratpad there is a bunch of new pics of the guys having fun doing Spiderman stunts, giving and receiving ass rub downs and letting it all hang out. Check out the pics below....
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Over at the Fratpad there is an Encore Week going on. Encore Week will be ending May 23rd and the new season will begin on the 24th, but there are still a few surprises during Encore Week so be sure to check it out. I have some pictures for everyone of the first few days of the Encore Week and Continue Reading...
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