What happened to Fratmen wrestlers Cal and Nash?

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Remember these two hung hotties?

Cal and Nash appeared on Fratmen.tv months ago. Well … They’re real names are Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan. They were professional wrestlers in Nebraska, and very good at what they did!!

Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan were dismissed from the Nebraska wrestling team after a campus blog posted pictures of them taken from Fratmen.tv.

Is this proof that the guys at Fratmen.tv are really straight?
Yes. This is the ultimate proof that Fratmen deserves an award for finding some of the hottest straight guys online. Other web sites sell gay guys as straight, but Fratmen doesn’t. I feel bad that Paul and Kenny can’t wrestle anymore, but they proved that they were real. And that’s what is so hot!!

Nash (Paul Donahoe) is simply heavenly. He’s a real college jock from New England with model looks, beautiful blue eyes, a killer body and a big hot cock. I got hard just from checking out his pictures. Nash’s video is super sexy with two big cum shots and a shower in between. Check out a preview video here. You just can’t miss this stud. Check out all of Nash at Fratmen.

Cal (Kenny Jordan): And what do they say about hot guys travelling in groups? Well I definitely think Fratmen stud Cal is proof of that. He’s the dreamy Nash’s buddy who made his Fratmen debut one week earlier. Cal is also from New England and is currently in college. This stud’s got a hot built body, great ass and a smile that will make you melt. In his video he busts two big loads and takes a very steamy shower in between. Check out a preview video here and all of Cal & his bud Nash at Fratmen.

Here’s a video of Paul and Kenny talking to ESPN about what they did:

*Video:kenny jordan and paul donahoe on espn, explaining fratmen.tv

Guys, my own favorite is Kenny. His dick is rock-hard as is his body. I’ve found some hot pictures on the web where we can see him live his life:

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  1. peter says:

    Paul and Kenny are not professional wrestlers, they are college athletes. While it is (easy) to argue that the Div I college football and basketball players are really professionals (the teams are huge revenue makers for their institutions and the players are debuting for the NFL and NBA and get lots of perks from Nike, Reebok, UnderArmour, etc), that is not the case for for a low-profile sport like wrestling. For example, Paul and Kenny actually had to attend real classes, hold at least a C+ average (which I believe Paul surpassed, being an ‘Academic All-American’, i.e. Dean’s List GPA)

    ‘Professional’ wrestling is theater, not sport. While the steroid-inflated ‘wrestlers’ need to be athletic, they are showmen before they are athletes. To call these two gifted young athletes ‘professional wrestlers’ like Steve Austin is an insult.

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