Fratmen Sucks: Jayden Micky

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Fratmen Sucks: Jayden Micky

Jayden and Micky kick back a few drinks and start getting frisky.

Fratmen Sucks: Jayden Micky

Every so often, our military stud Micky has some time to stop by Cyberspace to visit with the Fratmen. Today, he kicks back a few drinks with Jayden before matters turn to the erotic. Both of these studs start by taking off their shirts and exposing their flawless physiques. Their arms, abs, backs and chests are sculpted in all the right places. It isn’t long before Jayden and Micky whip out their thick, throbbing cocks and start stroking together. Our amazing muscular frat boys take turns sucking on each other’s cocks, kissing a bit, and giving mutual handjobs. Jayden and Micky sensually explore each other’s bodies before they move to a massage. As Jayden rubs Micky’s shoulders, his dick gently graces Micky’s ass cheeks. Still aroused from all the naked fun, our jocks go for another round of blowjobs before ending the afternoon with two hot cum shots. It’s amazing seeing these two young, ripped bodies lie exhausted and fully satisfied in pools of their own cum!

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