Fratmen Sucks: Jackson Micky

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Rub a dub dub, two frats in the tub. Hot studs Jackson and Micky bring their bath to a boil and continue into the bedroom.

Fratmen Sucks Jackson Micky

Jackson and Micky are two of the Fratmen that are really comfortable with all the guys. There’s almost no hesitation whenever the opportunities arise to bathe, lift, or just hang out naked. As the morning sun rises, Micky draws a bath at the Fratpad, and it isn’t long before Jackson joins him. With the rest of the house empty, Jackson and Micky start sensually cleaning each other before the urge to do more takes over.

Fratmen Sucks Jackson Micky

Both of our tight muscle jocks indulge in a little oral action, and feeling the urge for some more, move on to the bedroom. Totally turned on, Micky and Jackson touch each other’s asses a bit before another round of blowjobs bring them to the brink of cumming. They finish off side by side, Jackson’s uncut cock erupting right next to Micky’s. The two end with a gentle kiss before the sun completely rises.

Fratmen Sucks Jackson Micky

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