Fratmen Sucks: Benji Neil

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Neil is going to do a little more target practice, this time with Benji. I wonder where he’s going to aim his cum this time.

Fratmen Sucks Benji Neil

Benji and Neil may be two of the shorter guys at the pad, but they’ve both got amazing, sculpted bodies and are packing some mesmerizing dicks! Neil starts soaking in the tub, running water over his giant chest and uncut cock. Benji walks by and decides to be Neil’s bath time buddy. It’s a little cramped for two people, but still very relaxing. Benji and Neil move close together, gently hugging and fully relaxed. Nothing could be better, except for a little bit of oral action. Both of our boys take turns sucking cock. Benji’s thick dick and Neil’s uncut cock get plenty of attention. They take it to the bed, where Neil cums on Benji’s bubble butt! It’s totally hot. Almost like when Neil shot his load directly into Wally’s mouth.

Fratmen Sucks Benji Neil

Fratmen Sucks Benji Neil

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