Fratmen Sucks: Chase Diego

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This is one of the earliest pay-per-view events on Early Hawaii veterans Chase and Diego put on one hot show!

Fratmen Sucks Chase Diego

Both Chase and Diego performed in a couple of PPV events, but none were as sizzling hot as this one. Starting on the bed, both handsome boys chat casually before removing each other’s clothes. Fully naked, Chase and Diego begin kissing passionately before advancing to some really hot stuff.

Fratmen Sucks Chase Diego

These young, hot guys experiment with a small amount of oral sex before moving to the shower. The action advances, and our guys begin trading blowjobs more frequently. They eventually return to the bed to complete this fun-filled afternoon.

Fratmen Sucks Chase Diego

Fratmen Sucks Chase Diego

It’s amazing to see their bodies tense up more and more throughout the hour, ultimately leading to hot cumshots.

Fratmen Sucks Chase Diego

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