Fratmen: Adomas

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Fratmen Adomas

Fratmen Adomas

Fratmen Adomas

Adomas the blonde haired, well sculpted and uncircumcised lithuanian is a wonderful addition to the Fratmen brotherhood. He’s smart, good looking and has a bodacious irresistible booty that you just have to stare at when he walks around the house with his little tight underwear on. Might I add he has one of the best looking uncut dicks to date! Yes I’m sure of it, I love him!

Fratmen Adomas

Fratmen Adomas

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6 Responses to "Fratmen: Adomas"
  1. John B. John B. says:

    Beautiful face… Large cock… I want you boy to fuck me… I;m so hard because of this boy

  2. Avatar Kevan says:

    Those eyes kinda freak me out but damn that cock makes me feel inadequate. Haha. Che bello!

  3. Drew Drew says:

    Wuch a beautiful cock…

  4. Drew Drew says:

    Such a beautiful cock…

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