Fratmen Sucks: Terry Ajay

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Both Ajay and Terry have had hot, sexy tenures at After months of seeing each other naked, they finally act on their desires.

Fratmen Sucks Terry Ajay

Fratmen Ajay and Terry have grown to be real friends both inside and outside of the Pad, despite living on opposite ends of the country. Determined to have some time to themselves, they retreat to the gym at our private ranch. Terry and Ajay are devoted lifting buddies, and it shows as both of their muscular bodies grew more sculpted and impressive through the months.

Fratmen Sucks Terry Ajay

The heat, combined with an intensive back and chest routine prompt both frat boys to strip naked. With the blood flowing, Ajay’s and Terry’s dicks start to get excited. With both cocks at full mast, our boys seize the opportunity. These opportunities only arise every so often, after all.

Fratmen Sucks Terry Ajay

They exchange blowjobs right in the gym.

Fratmen Sucks Terry Ajay

It gets too hot for them, so they ease off and finish off their cocks side by side. The cumshots are amazing. This was the perfect escape for these two.

Fratmen Sucks Terry Ajay

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