Fratmen Sucks: POV Jonah

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Fratmen Sucks: POV Jonah

Fratmen Jonah is a small town kid from the mid west. Don’t let his innocent smirk and glasses fool you though, there is a naughty and undiscovered side to this fratmen…

Fratmen Sucks: POV Jonah

Fratmen Jonah swept the Fratpad by storm! No one expected this small town track jock to flower into the all-star he is today. Jonah is the sweetest guy, with huge heart. He values family and friends above all and goes to great lengths to please. Just ask his frat partner about that, or watch the video and deciede for yourself. Looking past the fog of innocence, you’ll find sex god, ready to experience and experiment. His thirst for sexuality can only be quenced by physical encounters. One can only wonder what this sememster at school holds for Fratmen Jonah and his college buddies!

Fratmen Sucks: POV Jonah

*Video:fratmen sucks pov jonah

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5 Responses to "Fratmen Sucks: POV Jonah"
  1. Xtian Xtian says:

    I love guys in glasses. <3

  2. Avatar Kevan says:

    Best thing about this: gives me the illusion Jonah is sucking my rockhard cock. Haha

  3. Drew02 Drew02 says:

    He looks perfect in those glasses… <3

  4. Xtian Xtian says:

    I there’s any justice in this world, please Universe, if you cant give me Jonah to fuck, then let me fuck a Jonah-look-alike someday.

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