Fratmen Sucks: Micky Vincent

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Fratmen Sucks: Micky Vincent

Vincent is back! And look who he shakes hands with first, but can they keep it at that or do these hands know no self control?

Fratmen Sucks: Micky Vincent

Vincent has been a great part of the cast at the Fratpad for quite some time. He’s most well known for his horse playing and teasing attitude around he employs with fellow guy friends. It’s great to have him back but we notice a few changes in his disposition from his last appearance. A sense of maturity and seniority, Vincent feels he can bestow his experience on some of the new guys. Vincent doesn’t know that Micky is anything but a rookie. When worlds clash and these two guys horse playing some catch, Vincent reminds us how teasing can be the hook and sinker for an exciting endeavor with a new partner. Micky and Vincent really hit it off and are determined to show each other who the more experienced one is, so to speak. The ending is a magical climatic moment circumstantially the result of great profound chemistry.

Fratmen Sucks: Micky Vincent

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3 Responses to "Fratmen Sucks: Micky Vincent"
  1. Will4U Will4U says:

    I’ve always wanted to do it on a billiard table…

  2. Sam Sam says:


  3. HiImMike HiImMike says:

    I wish i was there fucking them too… hehe

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